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02.03.2013 , 04:39 AM | #11
I think its pretty hypocritical for a grimmy to complain about the /stuck exploit when countless times I've seen their players use the wall cap on novare. I'm in no way saying that flux uses this however. I've played in alot of matches with Flux to know that he plays fair and yes, if you know how a guardian plays whether your tank or dps you have an ability that will shoot your hp up for about 30% for around 12 secs. Once that runs out, 30% of your hp is taken away which can easily result in you dying or at very low hp depending on the circumstance. This is another l2p issue

I assume he lost which is why he felt the need to harass flux...people need to step back and realize this is just a game, you won't win every pvp match (especially if your on impside >< ) just get over it.
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