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02.03.2013 , 04:20 AM | #92
1 weekend we should get 4-6 team captains and have them draft teams from a list of players who sign up on the forums. Each team plays each other in Ranked WZ's and determine the winners by like most wins outta 5 games or something. Then the winning team from each group of teams moves on to play winner of other group. Untill teams with best record play each other for eternal real life honor n stuff. There are lots of people out there that are awesome players and want to group up for things like ranked warzones so doing something like this and splitting up guildies on separate teams gets everyone kinda aquainted with each other and more inclined to group in the future.

Did something similar to this in SWG called red vs blue and it was epic for the servers pvp...the biggest problem in this game is the warzones cant have more or less than 8 people so you have to make sure u draft based on classes u need and if someone on ur team dies in real life or something that would kinda screw everyone. Another problem would be that i hate everyone of you people with all of my heart so someone else would have to take the incentive to acually organize this kinda thing because im not going to.