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Unfortunately (if I remember correctly) the devs said there will be no more of those videos. I don't know what is their official reason but the realistic explanation is that those videos were promotional material for the game and since the game is out now they won't waste more money on something that will bring them no profit.
It is a shame that they stopped making them and said that there would not be anymore. I wish I knew there official reason as to why they decided that. The videos were good.

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This makes me very sad. While abridged, Master Gnost Dural's holorecords were a great way to introduce people to the lore behind TOR.
Your right. It is a great way to introduce people the the lore behind TOR.
It would be great if they finished making them. Especially with the new expansion coming out.

In my opinion, it kind of makes that section of the website seem incomplete. Plus, to me, having a website that seems incomplete sort of gives a bad impression about the quality of the game itself. Like they have poor quality control. Not to mention that one may think that if they can not complete the website, what might they have not completed in the game. For a marketing aspect that is sort of bad. At least in my opinion it is. Not to say that what they have done so far is bad. I love the game and all. But if it was me, I would have finished the videos. After all that is something they used, and still do use, to get people interested in the game. So if I was them I would seriously think about going back and finishing the videos. But that is just me.
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