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Hello everyone.

I have this idea stuck in head for like a month. We all have reached the point of being maximum good / bad, but the outer look doesn't stick to it, as it should. Just remember all the important Sith lords. They weren't just pale with few black veins on their face. And honestly the Dark side look gets kind of worn out after the year . I would add an ability or option (after you reach maximum tear of the morality) to customize your Dark / Light side look. Something like...

Dark side: Burnt or ripped flesh, glowing eyes or black sclera eyes, blood on face etc.

... and same for the Light side, but of course lore friendly. It could be sold for bigger amount of credits, so everyone would really think about, how he would like to look.
Does it truely matter? I personally haven't run into many Dark Side 5's who've used the Dark Side corruption features.