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02.03.2013 , 12:49 AM | #76
I don't even understand the criticism from way back then, about DA2. I mean, if somebody (Anders in the case of DA2) is hitting on you and you don't like them, and you turn them down, why do you even care if they give you negative points toward them? Obviously DA2 and SWTOR are different games, but when I was playing as my JK I hated my female JK being repeatedly hit on by 'doc', and I enjoyed it when my responses earned me negative points from him, it meant my responses were having the intended effect. Just like I always liked it when my negative responses to his comments got me positive points from Kira, it meant she was jealous of him and was happy my JK was turning him down, she was keeping my JK all to herself . I like the positive/negative system the way it is, it works really well. We just need to be able to actually enjoy the romances that we want to enjoy, and all is good.