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02.02.2013 , 11:41 PM | #15
I think most of you are missing the picture. A player isn't defined by the people he runs with, the moves he uses, the strategies he performs, but rather the heart he has when confronting an opponent. I think a lot of us here could easily reflect on the fact that we've all been in those matches where we look down at are feet and realize failure is imminent, but it is those same people that exit that lost warzone with pride and determination and hit that requeue button. Yes, there are guilds out there that team up, but alas, that doesn't make them superior. Nay I say, that makes them over confident, and most of you know what over confidence can lead too. So I say down with this idea of "known facts" and let us turn to identifying how we define the word "win." When I see an Imperial or Republic player have no chance of winning and instead of giving up they stand tall with honor and integrity against overwhelming odds, that my friends is a true winner. As the wise jawa Blizz would say, "Blizz testing new belt to make Blizz hair not stick to robes. Boss want to watch?" Think about it....