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Most sorcs want to be viable... you seem to want to be the best pvp class without question. Could you imagine the qq madness would get for having a spammable 3k move without crits.... that takes one global cooldown to cast?! 1.5 second force lightning is ridiculous. In conjunction with the knockback bubble blind and all the other insane changes you are bringing up the sorc would be the most ridiculously unbalanced class so far. Lets use reason with the changes we propose.
1.5 second Force Lightning is ridiculous? Is it now? Did you know that when Lightning Barrage procs I can cast Force Lightning at 1.4 seconds because my base cast time is 2.8 seconds? There's a proc to make casting Force Lightning to do what I suggested; however, instead of the normal gawd awful time of 3 seconds to cast it turning the Sorcerer into a turret, cast at half that time. Why? So the Sorcerer does not stand in place longer than necessary.

Guess what, I can spam Force Lightning already. I donít have a cool down with it. I can cast it over and over and over again for as long as I am alive and have force. Lord help you if I have recklessness up! Guess what, Iím doing 1150 to 1250 points of critical damage, in some instances, higher. Thatís what you get when you use a hybrid spec. Youíd know this if you ran a Sorcerer/Sage DPS. This skill is in the Madness tree itís called: Madness, giving Force Lightning no cool down.

Mobility is the key for this AC and the Sage to survivability. Likewise, if I can spec into having instant cast on Whirlwind, I should be able to have a Forcer Lightning cast at a faster rate. Casting time on both the Sorcerer/Sage is their downfall. Because of this, they have the least favorable survivability of all the ACs in the game. In other words, they were left behind and there is a huge gap between them and the others.

What I have offered is minor improvements of existing powers. Only someone who fears having a Sorcerer having the necessary mobility required to survive will fear this. I don't see you complaining about the Mercs, Troopers, Agents, or Smugglers having instant casts on some hard hitting abilities. However, to give a Sorcerer or Sage this, God forbid. It's ridiculous to be forced to stand in place to cast abilities that should be instant or have quick times to get off as quickly as possible. However, you'd want to keep Sorcerer's or Sages rooted to the ground in order to get off a cast like Lightning. Essentially, it means "Nothing is wrong here; all is well with this AC's abilities."

I say you're wrong. These changes are minor improvements on existing abilities that improve the Sorcerer's mobility, survivability, and viability. These changes would bring the Sorcerer/Sage DPS classes in line with the other DPS classes. However, I think that is what you fear the most. Stuns? Wasted on those who have specced themselves to have 4 seconds of immunity or have their magical barrier of invulnerability up (Assassins/Shadows) or those special tech shields that render the use the same. Bubble? Last only long enough to absorb a 4k+ hit, poof then gone. By the time it can be reapplied, guess whatÖSorcerer/Sage is dead.

Listen, I have toons of every AC class of this game. I understand what they can do and cannot do. Of them all, the Sorcerer/Sage ACs are the worst of them all in those areas compounded by the fact they have Light Armor, no true defensive capabilities, or damage mitigation. I'm sorry, but Force Speed is not a true defense as it is immediately rendered mute when a Warrior or Jedi leap to the Sorcerer/Sage rooting it in place.

Bubble Stun is a nuisance at best. People are QQing that they get stunned by it when everyone coming out of the gate is sporting their own stun bubble. Guess what, I agree that the stun bubble on everyone other than the caster is ridiculous. In my hybrid build, I do not use it anymore. However, the bubble alone is a minor inconvenience. By changing it to knock someone back and blind them, means it has more utility. Giving it the same resolve results of Whirlwind answers those who QQ about being blinded for 3 seconds with very little resolve bar results. There is no difference from how this bubble stuns would work than Flash Bang Grenade thrown by Agents/Smugglers. They blind you leaving you rooted in place unable to do anything for 8 seconds. Giving the bubble knockback with a root and blind an opponent much like Flash Bang, allows the Sorcerer/Sage to increase the ability to survive. However, you fail to realize that should an attackerís resolve bar be filled, this will have no effect on them other than rooting them in place. It is an escape mechanism for defensive purposes.

The fact is some of these improvements exist in some shape or form in the healing tree or part of the Inquisitor/Consular class. I'm just suggesting they be available to the Sorcerer/Sage DPS. OP, far from it. OP would give them an automatic crit that requires no critical mods/enhancements that hits everyone with 7k+automatic critical damage (depending on the gear) to 5 people in an AOE attack. That's OP. These changes would make the 31+ builds in Lightning and Madness better and improve overall performance.
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