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02.02.2013 , 07:59 PM | #27
I'm sorry to the fictional Jedi but I cannot be compassion-less, love-less, cold and generally heartless by being robotic / illogical / having no emotions. I am driven by them; they are the things which motivate me to act. Does that mean I should let them go out of control? NO.

That can go for everyone. Feeling something is part of being human. Feeling something is one thing. Acting on it and how one acts on it is another matter entirely. I do agree that emotions that get out of control can be damaging. But it is possible to feel something strongly and yet still act rationally.

Feeling compassion does not force you to act irrationally. The Jedi, if they believe that compassion makes people act irrationally, are wrong. People control their actions. Emotions do not control a person or force them to do anything.

A person chooses to act a certain way. Simply feeling an emotion doesn't hijack your brain and make you do something irrational. The person feels compassion, or anything, and then they make the choice to act a certain way.