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Ideal form for a Jedi is to achiev a droid mindset and break the chains of emotions, to always act acoording to logic, reason and rationality ( although SW lore is based on contradiction, who rational would serve, whats worse serve democracy, madness )
I tried that growing up, it didn't work. Oh, and it was a living hell too. A droid mindset may be all well and good for a fictional order of Jedi but it's not good for real life people.

I can say that for 3/4 of my 25 year life I did exactly that and no, it did not work. Emotions are not chains. It is possible to feel them; experience, and enjoy them without them getting out of control.

And if you "break the chain of emotions" then you have no drive or passion to help someone in need or in suffering. You don't feel the outrage or anger at injustice so you don't move to fix the injustice. You see suffering and not feel pain so you don't move to alleviate suffering.