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Ideal form for a Jedi is to achiev a droid mindset and break the chains of emotions, to always act acoording to logic, reason and rationality ( although SW lore is based on contradiction, who rational would serve, whats worse serve democracy, madness )
This source that Aurbere posted would seem to contradict that:

""There is no Emotion, there is Peace"

Surely this means that a Jedi should be emotionless, yes? No. This line refers to a Jedi's clarity of mind. Odan-Urr believed that emotions were necessary for the Jedi to have, but understood that these emotions should not interfere with the decisions a Jedi makes.

The actions of a single Jedi can impact the entire galaxy, and emotion can influence the decisions a Jedi makes. So Odan-Urr taught meditation to his students. Meditation allowed them to control their emotions and maintain clarity of mind, but he did not teach Jedi to ignore or purge them. He taught mastery over emotion: the first step to mastery of the Light Side."

Even Obi-won says to Anakin that he must learn to control his emotions; control is NOT the same as purge.