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Sith Sanctum, Dromund Kaas

Darth Thanaton strutted past a multitude of Imperials and Sith alike on his walk to Darth Serevin's office. He had just examined files on a top secret Force-sensitive slave imprisoned on an Imperial Prison Planet known as Angolus, explaining his apparent tardiness.

From what I know about this slave on my visits and what Quintus has given me, this slave has the most force potential I have ever seen. I must keep tabs on her at all times. She can either be a weapon or the doom of the entire Empire.

Seeing Serevin's door open, Thanaton slid in without announcing himself, gazing at an expectant Serevin. "I care not if I am fashionably tardy, Serevin. I simply had more pressing matters to attend to."

"What an unexpected honour, my Lord," Serevin replied, his voice oozing flattery. He rose from his seat and gave a brief bow enough to satisfy the demands of courtesy, but not as deep as Thanaton was accustomed to receiving. "I had expected my invitation to be beneath your personal attention."

"Indeed, Serevin." Thanaton spoke calmly. "Now, what have you got this time?"

"This artifact that we've sent our respective forces after." Serevin's tone turned casual, almost dismissive, as he returned to his chair. "I had hoped to discuss the matter with you, perhaps settle some questions that are, as yet, unanswered."

"Very well, I suppose I have time for this," Thanaton took a seat.

"Only if you're quite certain, my Lord," Serevin replied smoothly. "I'm sure, Councillor that you are, you must have many pressing concerns demanding your full attention. This can wait."

"I'm certain," Thanaton nodded. "My field deals with the IRS and Ancient Knowledge, no?"

"Of course, of course." Serevin smiled broadly as he picked a datapad from his desk. "Well then, to business. Has your agent returned any useful information regarding our prize? I would be quite interested to cross reference his findings with those of my apprentice."

"It's a Rakata holocron, he claims," Thanaton said impassively. "Rakata holocrons generally are... valuable in our line of work, I must say."

Serevin's smile never wavered. "Indeed they are, and with that in mind, it falls to us to determine where that value would be most wisely placed."

"You know the answer as well as I, Serevin," Thanaton scoffed. "I'm sure you would be more suited trying to get your alien scum into the Empire's good graces than to study the secrets I desire, the secrets you cannot fathom."

"Ah, but the Rakata themselves were alien, were they not?" Serevin set the datapad down, sweeping his hands out in broad, dramatic gestures. "Who better than I to present such a priceless gift to the Council as a whole, thereby enriching us all with the holocron's stored wisdom." His hands settled back to the desk as he bowed his head in a brief moment of feigned humility. "There's a sort of poetry there, I find."

"Who better to gift the Council with a holocron than someone who has solid rapport with them, let alone a member," Thanaton retorted. "I do not need a diplomat taking glory from where it is due."

Serevin's expression shifted to a frown of almost parental disappointment as he leaned forward, dropping his voice to a low, conspiratorial tone. "My Lord, I know you would never be so crass as to squabble over so small a thing as glory, not in the face of something so much greater than any single ego."

"I would just rather the holocron be in the hands of one who can fathom its power," Thanaton shrugged. "So, anything further from your apprentice? I haven't heard back from my agent in days."

"Oh, as would I, most assuredly," Serevin replied. "Such power is not to be dispense lightly. As for my apprentice, I have been informed that the holocron is currently in transit off Coruscant, and that she expects to be able to make the necessary appraisals of the piece shortly." He smiled with indulgent pride. "Such a diligent young woman. I was fortunate indeed to find her."

"Her reports are promising, I'll give you that," Thanaton nodded. "I must say... it speaks volumes that apprentices I previously sent after the holocron all failed and I sent a force-blind operative instead. I just used the sharpest knife in the rack, for now, at least."

"We all make use of whatever poor tools we may have, my Lord, and trust the rest to fate and the Force." Serevin picked up his datapad again, looking up over its edge at Thanaton. "I believe we sufficiently understand the situation and our respective places in it. Unless there was anything more you feel you needed to be informed of?"

"Nothing more until my eyes and ears report in again. He has a scheduled call sometime after lunch today, if that interests you?"

"I look forward to it. Until then..." Serevin gestured vaguely toward the door as he turned his attention fully to the datapad.

"I better get started, lest Baras rob the canteen again," Thanaton slightly chuckled before heading out the door.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."