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02.02.2013 , 05:18 PM | #14
What an awesome episode! I honestly didn't see Satine's death coming until the last moment (literally the last moment) and was like, wait a minute.. she's gonna... Bam, another one bites the dust! I was really sad actually when she died. But I look forward to a new age for the Mandalorians.

And of course, the battle between Maul, Savage and Sidious was amazing. But Maul lives? What could Sidious possibly have in store for him?

One of my favourite parts was when Sidious arrived in the throne room and Maul felt his presence and said 'Master!' - I just love how is facade of a manipulative Sith Lord suddenly vanished and was replaced with the obedient servant of Episode I - all in a single facial expression.

Visuals are also improving massively, and combat scenes too. Can't wait for the next arc (really I can't, Wookieepedia tells me its the Ashoka one - time for her to meet her fate )

P.S. Concerning 'who will fall' - I reckon Captain Rex, he's not in the films and I can't see him, of all of them, betraying the Jedi. Maybe his fate will somehow involve Ashoka...