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It's all been said, but I'll say it again. The jumps are every 20% after the first boss hits 90% (practically speaking, Toth is almost always going to be ahead, so go off his HP). Have someone calling out percentages, especially close to the trigger points. If you have an experienced tank on Toth, they can generally give you a 2-3 second warning every time Toth leaps to Zorn. When the leap is getting nigh, be extra vigilant. Don't use Telekinetic Throw (even if you have 3 stacks) at that point, and be careful with Project and Double Strike (you shouldn't be using Double Strike anyway). Zorn will scream less than a second before the jump, and this scream is what applies Fearful. Hit your Resilience the *instant* this happens. This will not only protect you from any reflected flurry damage (e.g. Saber Strike) but will also completely negate the damage from Toth's leap, remove Mental Anguish (if your healer forgot to cleanse it) and give you 5 seconds of immunity from the Fearful DoT during the most healing intensive spurt of the fight.

Shadows are hardly gimped on this fight. Quite the contrary: I think shadows have this fight *easiest* of all three tanks. Our "inverse gap closer" allows us a degree of mobility during the tank swaps which is unparalleled. Guardian Leap comes close, but it's pretty difficult to use and generally not as snappy as Force Speed (meaning the swaps take extra time). Resilience allows us to negate the highest spike damage in the fight, and our self-heal and internal resistance gives us substantially more (read: >25%) survivability against Zorn than any other tank. Oh, and if you're doing Nightmare Mode, you can use Force Cloak to reset your medpack on your first Toth jump (when you're tanking Toth and he leaps away), bypassing the mechanic designed to remove it from the fight.

All in all, you have to work at it a bit, but shadows can achieve phenomenal results as tanks on this fight. You just have to play it correctly. :-)
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