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Greetings! And apologies in advance for a huge rambly thingeemabob! Prepare to teal deer!

I'm one of those players who has been here since launch, I started playing with some friends and we started a guild (Bilderberg Group - if anyone actually saw any of us around) and played every day and everything was grand. Ahhhh, so dreamy! We all transferred to this server the moment Aussie transfers were launched and ahhhh beautiful ping. I ended up leaving the game for some time due to breaking up with my boyfriend, moving house, moving house again, and finallyyyyy moving house one last time and getting the internet re-set up and settled in et cetera. And after 5 months of not playing and finally logging back in, I discovered that I'm now guildless and none of my friends actually play this anymore. *cries*.

I've been back for a few weeks now, started a few new characters and feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the influx of f2p players. Logged onto my PVP Sorc and attempted PVP again and turns out after 5 months of not playing I had no idea what the heck which buttons did what anymore, my purple gear is barely better than the blue gear they mail to you at level 50 and looks exactly the same, and failed miserably and have been too freaked to try again and earn my new comms and replace my crappy gear that used to be good. -_- Plus, I really hate Huttball. And that's all they ever seem to give. And I've lost my pocket-Tank, wtb new pocket-Tank.

Haha, anyway! Getting besides the point! Because I'm a silly rambly nong!
I am guild hunting. Primarily Imp side, I have three 50s and am planning on levelling a bounty hunter, an assassin, and a light side agent. (Yes, I'm one of those people who play for the story and want to see the outcomes of different choices blah blah blah). My highest character on Republic side is a 30 Guardian whom I'm using as my first attempt in any MMO to tank, ever. Not working so well, I feel much more efficient as a healer. Haha. But I prefer Imp side and am rarely on my republic characters.

I'm looking for a friendly guild, who don't mind alts, who ummm, actually talk? Who don't care about my playstyle. I'm not interested in raids, I'm purely here for social PVE with the exception of my PVP Sorc that I need to re-learn how to play. And the auction house, haha, that's all I seem to do in any game, want to make ALL the credits!!! I'm also one of those highly irritating people you DON'T want to do flashpoints with or even level with because I don't spacebar, I like the conversations. I'm only really online during the daytime - I have a child, family, I study, and I'm working on starting an at-home business - So not at the beck and call of a computer game.

I figured I'd ask here, since I don't particularly like talking in /general and the only guilds recruiting in /general these days are brand new guilds who just want moar numbers, all your free-to-players belong to us! Orrrr raiding guilds who want a tank or whatever. Thought that some guild masters might read here or something. I don't know. No harm in trying!

Looking forward to seeing any replies.
The Kaelle Legacy.

(Apologies once again for giant pointless ramble when I could've just said, "Oi, I'm a from-Launch subscriber player who wants a social guild, gimme gimme." And yes, I've read that List of Dalborra Guilds thread, but, you know... I'm a delicate little flower who needs her own thread. Hurrrrr.)