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This seems to me like a fairly deliberate mis-reading of what's going on in those missions. The NPCs tell you flatly that compassion is problematic for the jedi because it impairs their judgment.

Also in the setting being depicted in the game the republic is supposed to be seen as being in a corrupt/crumbling-under-its-own-weight state, and that extends to the jedi order as much as anything; to some extent we're meant to chafe at the staid, formulaic expression of the code as expressed ingame.

With that said, any moral code which forbids love (romantic or platonic) should probably not be used as a guide for human behavior.
I see nothing wrong with that code. The problem is, in the SW universe, you really only have two options for learning to use your force abilities and both are extreme exact opposites. With any other ideals being considered wrong/rebelious and not really getting a chance to be a part of those lesser known orders.