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We all know BioWare will nerf the Static Barrier/Force Armor by allowing it to burst on the caster only. When that is removed, both the Sorcerer & Sage will lose more utility, especially in the PvP warzones. However, after some thought, I found a few things that could help these two ACs survivability, utility, and improve overall performance. Now this will focus more on the DPS trees than healing; however, these suggestions will have an indirect effect on healers too.

First, I believe we all can agree that the number one problem for all Sorcerers/Sages is their survivability or lack thereof. There are a number of ways to adjust this to increase these AC’s survivability without wrecking the balance in my opinion. Both ACs need improvement in mobility, defenses, and damage mitigation while improving damage ability. I think the following will do that without causing the glow stick warriors to wet themselves and run to the forums QQing. However, given their very nature, they’ll do that regardless because anything that mitigates their ability to kill their favorite targets in 3 or 4 GCDs harms their delicate mental stability.


It is time to make changes to the time required to cast/channel abilities for both ACs. Mobility is the single most important key to survival in PvE & PvP. For a class that is based on range kiting, they both lack the ability to shoot on the run with very few exceptions. While we have procs that allow us to fire of Chain Lightning, Lightning Strike, or Crushing Darkness for an example, when those aren’t up, we only have Shock & Affliction to use when no proc is available. So I propose the following:

  1. Reduce the case time for Lightning Strike, Chain Lightning, Force Lightning, and Crushing Darkness by half. This will mean a Sorcerer will require only 1.4 seconds to fire off Force Lightning without the Lightning Barrage proc. When that proc is up, it will reduce that even further per the proc's affect. What this means is we do not have to become a turret to use Force Lightning. Conversely, the existing procs for Chain Lightning, Lightning Strike, or Crushing Darkness require no changes either. The same would apply to the Sage’s abilities too. What this means is a Sorcerer/Sage will spend less time standing still to use their abilities because of the improved mobility.

  2. The ability of Fadeout should be moved from the healing tree and made into a baseline passive ability. Furthermore, Force Speed, for Sorcerers/Sages only, duration should be increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds for the speed burst and 2 seconds after it is finished. Moreover, the cool down should be lowered by half since it is a vital component in these classes’ survivability. This gives both ACs increased mobility and make them immune from any and all movement affects when needed. So the force jumpers cannot stop us from getting away anymore even if they jump to us, we still retain our ability to move away from them. 5 Seconds of immunity from movement affects will increase the survivability of these ACs.

  3. Change Subversion and Sith Efficacy’s effects (and the Sage’s mirror abilities) to include casting immunity. Subversion is a proc and should still continue the same manner. Importantly, Sith Efficacy and Subversion would have an additional proc that indicates casting immunity similar to the Assassin and Shadow. Lightning Strike or Crushing Darkness will continue to be the main catalyst for activation and doing so at [50/100%] depending on how many points are applied to this ability. What this will do is allow the Sorcerer (& Sage’s mirror) to get off their abilities while moving should a force jumper nail attack them.

  4. Likewise, Thunder Blast cast time should be reduce to 1.5 seconds; however, when Lightning Storm procs, Thunder Blast should be an option to use along with Chain Lightning, making it an instant cast ability. Again, this would improve casting ability and mobility by giving the Sorcerer (& Sage’s mirror ability) to fire off their biggest ability on the run.

These four suggestions will have a profound effect on increasing survivability and utility of the Sorcerer/Sage classes in my opinion without breaking either class.


The Sorcerer/Sage’s current defenses are very limited or very weak. The following suggestions are meant to improve the existing defenses to help increase survivability and aid in their ability to better mobility.

  1. Increase Sorcerer’s Sith Defiance & Sage’s Jedi Resistance from [1/2%] to [2/4%] and Corrupted Flesh and Mind Ward from [7.5/15%] to [10/20%].

  2. Increase Static Barrier and Force Armor from [10/20%] to [15/30%] in absorbing damage.

  3. When Static Barrier & Force Armor, on caster only, explodes, include a 360 degree 10 meter knockback that blinds and roots (only if specced through Backlash/Kinetic Collapse) for 8 seconds filling the resolve bar equal to Whirlwind or Force Lift. The blindness effect is caused by the flash of either power. Lastly, if someone clicks it off, IT WILL NOT WORK. It will only work if knocked down by damage or wears off.

Damage Mitigation:

Currently, neither AC has any damage mitigation; therefore, I propose the following suggestion to help mitigation damage improving survivability for both ACs.

  1. Both the Sorcerer/Sage by their very nature is fragile wearing light armor and having no damage mitigation. What I propose is this, give the Sorcerer Force Shroud & the Sage Resilience as a baseline defensive ability very much like the Assassin/Shadows ability with the same cool down available at level 36 too.

Having the ability make the Sorcerer/Sage immune to damage for 3 seconds so they can escape will add to their survivability when focused on by multiple or a single opponent.

Damage Ability:

I believe we all can agree that a buff is needed for the DPS of the Sorcerer and Sages. However, where the disagreement comes into play is how much. So I propose the following:

  1. Increase baseline damage by 5% across the board for all abilities. With the exception of the following abilities. Specced abilities would increase damage normally.

  2. AOE attacks damage increased by 7.5% without respect to what any specced ability gives these two powers. This increase is a baseline increase, specced powers would increase the damage normally.

  3. In the case of single burst damage, specifically Thunder Blast & Turbulence, increase these by 15% or an amount that would equal to any ranged DPS ability. Like the previous listed abilities, this increase is before any increase by specced abilities within their respective skill trees. Furthermore, this would be a true representation of a glass cannon that the Sorcerer/Sage are wearing light armor and limited defensive capabilities and damage mitigation, including the improvements listed.

These increases are moderate buffs except when it comes to an AOE or as specified for Thundering Blast and Turbulence. DPS will increase, meaning these two ACs will cause more damage and allowing both the Sorcerer and Sage to add more utility to the team’s overall ability within a warzone.


Essentially these overall changes would allow the Sorcerer/Sage to increase their threat and/or survivability when faced against a glow stick warrior 1 v 1 or when they need to extricate themselves when focused on by multiple opponents. Improving Mobility and survivability are essential to increasing the Sorcerer and Sage’s viability in and out of a Warzone; I believe this will do just that. What it does not do is turn these classes into an OP class or make them invincible. With the combination of improved mobility, increased defensive capabilities, and damage mitigation, the Socerer/Sage has an overall improved suvivability making them harder to kill than what they are faced with in today's warzones.