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@Setta. Great post.

The last I wrote about Sorcerer's Feedback was in July and since then the only major changes that have come to this class is the bubble hybrid spec that is notoriously broken because of the lack of resolve it gives for PVP (Though our only real viable RWZ spec)... and a free instant self heal.

I still think that this class is awesome to play however I still feel it is the weakest compared to all of the AC's. (Merc's would be next from a pvp standpoint) What I'm writing here is mostly a PVE perspective... The ideas at the bottom would be beneficial to PVP as well though.

PVE: Healing wise: Sorcs are very strong in this department, however:
--Force Management is still terrible: Having to murder yourself for force is just ridiculous.
--Dark heal is still terrible and non efficient.
--Dark Infusion is still the longest casted nuke heal of the 3 healer classes. (both kolto injection and Rapid scan are on shorter cast times and harder hitting).
--Sorc's still lack a HoT worth a damn or a way to cast a big heal on the move. ((I feel this is more of a PVP issue though as Sorcs are still very good PVE healers that doesn't require a LOT of moving))

PVE: DPS wise: Sorcs are Mediocre here.
-- Even in BiS gear with perfect precision and never clipping, A sorc DPS still does mediocre damage compared to Mercenaries // Snipers // Marauders and even Powertechs (though skill cap is very high for PT DPS)
-- Lightning Strike as a base attack for Lightning builds is horrifically low on damage.
-- Thundering Blast, too low on damage for a 31 point talent considering how long the cast time is on it. Though it can autocrit, the Top end damage is simply too low.
-- Chain Lightning is also too low.
-- DoT damage (all of them) for Madness is guessed it... too low. Madness tree is built around its dots and Force Lightning. Force Lightning // deathfield are probably the only two abilities that I believe are in the correct range that they should be damage wise.
-- Sorcerers still have no "execute range" ability // talent. Majority of the classes either have this in their talent tree or a flat out damage ability that can be used sub 30%. I think one of the major things that hurts a Sorc DPS (compared to everyone else) is this lack of an execute.

My Ideas for fixing // bringing the class up to all the others potential:

Heals -- Honestly, healing in PVE is really good. I think the only fixes that could make it more attractive is:
-- Reduce the cast time of Dark Infusion. 2.2 // 2.3 seconds is still too long for the amount that it heals for. If it left a HoT on the target when used, the cast time would be justifiable.
-- Dark Heal needs to be buffed or have a talent that increases it's healing on targets below 30% health by a certain %. ((This would actually make it really beneficial for PVP'ers as well as dark heal is even weaker due to Trauma.))
-- An ability/talent to give back force that doesn't rely on murdering ourselves. (I suggest a talent that ties into Recklessness - giving back a % of force when using the Two spells that crit. I'd also suggest to put this in the first Tier so that it's accessible to Madness DPS builds)

DPS -- Easily one of the lowest DPS characters you could have. (Operative DPS would probably be next)
--DoT damage needs to be increased or talents need to be adjusted to boost the damage output. Alacrity should have some kind of effect on their duration but I feel this would negatively effect force management for Madness spec'd sorcs. (Having to reapply them) The force return from FL crits would have to be increased to compensate for this.
-- Thundering blast needs to be buffed or the cast time needs to be reduced. It's lackluster for a 31 point talent.
-- Lightning Strike damage should be increased if a target has affliction on it (Like TB -- this could be applied as a talent and replace where Lightning Barrage is in the Lightning Tree)
-- Move Lightning Barrage to tier 1 Madness - Remove Sith Defiance talent all together because no one ever uses it.
-- Increase Will of the Sith to 6 and 9%.
-- Increase Conduction to 6% instead of 3.
-- Sorcerers need an Execute Range ability // talent: This could be Shock hitting much harder sub 30% and costing less force to use. Madness DoT's should tick Higher or always crit sub 30%. This is one of the biggest things the AC needs.