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I like her a lot for many reasons. She didn't exist simply as someone's love interest but had her own duty. She was not strong physically, I don't totally agree with her political view since it's a bit too extreme, especially to the Mandaloirans since it's against their tradition. However she is willing to do everything for her goal, despite she has powerful enemies, her own people's betrayal and the tradition of Mandalorians. She never changed her belief through this and I can see she's right. The Mandalorians overall are bad on politics, they mostly played Sith' tool and got badly owned by the Jedi after the Sith are defeated. We can also see the situation after Satine was removed from power, that's not really a stable way to develop, nor is it good for the people.

In the book her last words are "Remember, my dear Obi Wan. No matter what, don't let go of what you believe in. I never did." I think it's better than the lines in the cartoon.

For these reasons she really is my favorite SW female character. I wrote fanfic of Anakin&Satine mostly because I think she's the only one who could let Anakin grow feeling, of course it's my own opinion.

In season 5, well, due to the bad handling, the arc is quite rushed so like Viszla, she was portrayed like an idiot if you view her as a politician. She got no solution when the criminals were attacking, refused to run away and reveal the truth for her people, she told Maul about Almec's nature. And she should tell the Jedi about Maul since they clearly showed they are after Obi Wan, maybe that's because she didn't want the Republic to get involved too much. Overall the problem of her character in season 5 is she never played a strong role like she did in the previous seasons, never achieved or try a way to achieve anything as a politician, but just do nothing and wait for rescue. My impression of her should be stronger than that, offer peace but still has enough military to defend her people, knew sometimes she should run to keep the hope to reveal the truth and would be smarter to see Maul's goal as a politician.

Not just her characterization is not impressive in season 5, the Maul arc could be much better done if they focus on it rather than just use 4 episodes, Maul could link Obi Wan, Sidious, Anakin and Dooku, the Black Sun, the Hutt, the Mandalorians, the Jedi and the Sith, all these factions could be involved in the arc and make season 5 the best one, too bad it's not the case.

As for Obi Wan, I don't like he got too many romance and in the same time, especially during the period around 22-20 BBY. He went by himself, the conversation between him and Anakin

"And the Jedi Council will do nothing, of course." Anakin said disgustedly.

"It's not as simple as that," Obi Wan said reluctantly. "The Senate_"

"The Senate will do even less," Anakin said. "But we're not the Senate or the Council, are we? Ready when you are, Obi Wan."

Obi Wan felt a surge of gratitude. Anakin was loyal, and a good friend. But that wasn't what he wanted from his former Padawan.

"I will hear quite enough from Master Yoda without involving you," Obi Wan said."Let's keep the level of uproar to merely enormous, shall we?"

Anakin shook his head.

"Anakin, this is my burden to bear," Obi Wan said. "I appreciate your wanting to help, but I must do this alone."

Anakin gazed at Obi Wan, saw he wouldn't change his mind, and nodded unhappily.
is deleted probably to make him look better, but he still borrowed the ship from Anakin so he had a chance to ask for help.

Now we all see the episode, if Anakin was there it could make a big difference, he could stay on Twilight and fly it much sooner once Obi Wan and Satine was out. I don't know why was he taunting Maul when he was choking Satine, Maul was trying to lure him to the Dark Side so he would not kill Satine in short time. But after he was enraged by Obi Wan he decided to kill her to make him "share his pain". I admit I'm a bit frustrated when I read the book and watched this episode for these reasons. He gives me the impression that he loves Satine, but still couldn't totally break from the Jedi discipline. I'm not surprised of Maul and the Jedi Council's decision, but I had a bit hope in him, too bad, and that's why I don't like him.

Well I expected Satine's death 10 months ago after Maul's return and I was right about how would she die. I bought the book and read 2 weeks before the episode. However, it's still very sad to see her die in the episode, especially her character wasn't handled well in season 5, and I guess this one is probably the last TCW episode I'm going to watch. Maybe, maybe I will have interest in certain arc if it's really interesting, but definitely not follow it every week.

Alas, Duchess Satine.