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02.02.2013 , 01:05 PM | #26
I did some further testing on the Energy Regen levels. It appears this issue is entirely graphical. I compared using the two abilities Missile Blast and Explosive Round. (3/12 Ammo (25%) = 25 Heat)
On my Powertech
I tested using Missile Blast, Rapid Shots, Rapid Shots. I was able to use Missile Blast 16 times.
On my Vanguard
I tested using Explosive Round, Hammershot, Hammershot, I was also able to use Explosive Round 16 times.

Finally I inspected the Ammo percentage gauge. Bounty Hunter moderate regen begins at 60% heat remaining. Trooper's moderate regen begains at 66.66%.
Every time I got my ammo between 60% and 66.66%, the Ammo display would display "Moderate" regeneration, but would still increase by intervals of 5% every second instead of 3%.
I tested it with the very slow regen interval. 25% for troopers, 20% for Bounty hunters and got the exact same results. Between 20% and 25% I would still be regenerating 3% Ammo, despite "Very Slow" being displayed which is 2% Ammo/sec.

Ammo/Heat Regen appear to be working identically, The UI display should be fixed to display the correct intervals. Moderate starting at 60% Ammo instead of 66.66% and Very Slow starting at 20% Ammo instead of 25%. This will allow troopers to more accurately manage and assess their Ammo levels.

Cost however is still a major issue. I would like to see a response that the Devs are at least aware of this problem.