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02.02.2013 , 12:52 PM | #6
Bo Katan was, yet again, friggin awesome. I really start to love that character, even though it seems she is willing to hand over Mandalore to the Republic, so I´am intrigued how that is all playing out in the end.
Finally Satine is dead. I have nothing against people who are pacifist, but this woman was so naive...
Sidious ülayed his role as I was expecting. No surpirses there and Savage is also finally gone. Sadly Maul is still alive.

Overall, the whole episode feeled rushed again. The should have scrapped the other story arcs of the season to improve the dialogues, the pacing of the story and the emomtional development of the characters more.
But it still is a kids show and we can´t expect mature story telling.