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All your chosen armor (for looks) should already be augmented with mk-6 kits before you hit 50. This includes offhand and mainhand too. You can save some money if you just augment the standard set after you get it, but you will look like all the others in your class, and lose out on some cash die to re-augmenting on wh and ewh.

Max your ranked and reg comms by pvp'ing alot once you hit level 40. Do not buy medpacks, mat boxes or gear untill you are at max for both.

GET THE RECRUIT MK2, do not take the cash.

Only use ranked comms for EWH gear. Never ever ever ever trade in ranked comms for regular comms. you lose lots of time and effort that way. You should be able to get an EWH weapon, and another EWH piece, and several WH peices the moment you hit 50 if you do this.

Go straight to EWH for Ear, Relic. and implants. USe reg comms to slowly upgrade to WH from Recruit Mk2.