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^ In summary:

Humans can be driven by Heart to act. Passions can drive us. Both give us the motivation/will/drive, the Internal Fire to act.

NOW. That does not meant that we should act irrationally. I know from my life what happens when I act irrationality. Been there, done that. Felt things but acted in a wrong way because of them. Instead of just enjoying the feelings and making the decision to not act irrationally because of them.

I believe that people can feel emotions (ya know, because we're human) but we cannot let ourselves act irrationality. I've been there. Where I should've just enjoyed feelings but not to act irrationally because of them.

And if the Jedi don't like that then tough

PS: As to that lady who I had that G-rated kiss with in that dream last night. Do I feel happy that I got to kiss (in a dream) this beautiful young lady who i like a lot? Most definitely. YET I cannot act on it by telling her. There are two main reasons why I cannot act irrationally and tell her:

Reason ONE It would probably freak her out and I don't want to hurt her like that.

Reason TWO: I do not want to start anything when I'm about to go off to Basic (Yes, in real life.) Say she and I kiss in real life...and then I have to leave soon for Basic. It doesn't seem right to kiss her, start a relationship potentially, and then just leave after starting a new relationship.
Because that would mess with her heart and I don't want to injure her like that. Because I care about her and don't want to wound her by kissing her, starting a relationship, and then just up and leave for several months. Oh, and I probably won't be back to the area where I live now cause I will be posted on a base elsewhere.