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The jumps happen at 89%, 69%, 49%,29%, and 9% The only time you should get fearful is if you are tanking Zorn and Toth jumps to you. You know when to stop doing damage abilities because Zorn will do a scream that signals Toth to jump. Something that also may be your problem is your healers are not cleansing the stackable DoT (Mental Anguish I believe its called) that is placed on the Zorn side. This DoT does a lot of damage and grows the longer that it is not cleansed. As someone else has mentioned force shroud is your best friend and it will completely negate all of Zorns damage as well as the AoE jump smash that Toth does.

If the tanks are communicating the HP percentages and you should have no problem knowing when the jump is happening and be able to stop attacking for 2-3 seconds before the switch.
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