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Based on what I'm reading, I wouldn't make a very good Jedi. I am motivated by care, concern, all of that. That's what drives me. The important thing (even for real life) is still trying to step back and be like "Is this a rational decision."

Seeing someone in pain. Their voice, how they look. Thinking about their situation and how it makes them sorrowful. Wanting to alleviate their suffering and help them be better. (It's more complicated than that but that's the general idea.) THAT is what drives moves me to action, personally. Emotions give the drive to act and passions give us the drive to act.

So no, my character won't be a perfect Jedi. Not if it means being driven by logic to act and not driven by passion/emotion to act. The actual action should be looked at in a rational light. But the drive. The will and drive to alleviate suffering. That internal fire/drive/will to aid those in pain and sorrow cannot be a logical, cold, impartial fire. It doesn't work that way.

I'm still going to feel stuff, dangit. The drive and motivation will move me to action. Say someone messes up and gets that Padawan expelled, frak what the Jedi Master says Feeling something after the fact and after the decision has been made is just how humans can work.

I just had a dream where this lady and I kissed. Yes, i feel happy about that (YES it was G-rated get your mind out of the gutter :P) Should I go rush out and tell her? NO! No no and no again. I shared that because it's an example of feeling emotion (which is the human thing to do) but NOT letting myself act irrationally because of it.