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02.02.2013 , 11:20 AM | #3
We started playing swtor on release and played for around 6 months, did pretty much all the content as imp on the server Darth Bandon (i think it was called that), and then stoped for awhile do to running out of things to do / real life, decided to come back and play again since the new expansion isn't to far off and playing pubs for something different. We're mostly just looking for a socially active guild, to meet people and hang out with, maybe run Ops with when we get 50 if we're able to. As for classes i'm lvling a guardian and vanguard atm (not sure which i want to tank with at 50 yet) i use to play a jugg tank on the imp side, my friend is lvling a sage and and scoundrel heals, the rest havnt quite made up their minds yet. lol