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02.02.2013 , 11:02 AM | #36
1st) If the coins came from your monthly bonus or straight up purchased you still have money invested in them.

So now looking at coin cost low end 90 for $1, the best deal 137.5 coins for $1
making mount cost $13.09 to $20.

I do not see any issues with them keeping this price range for a single character, like most said its within the standard. However I will not be buying any till they add a way to buy them for an account for say 3k to 3.5k cartel coins. Making the cost if you buy the better value coins roughly $22 to $25.45 for account wide mount this too would also be within the standard cost. Giving two examples WoW & Tera both offer account wide mounts for $25, Tera also sells single character mounts at $15 showing they could keep what they have just add the other option.