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02.02.2013 , 09:59 AM | #1
With the introduction of being able to wear sith and imperial looking clothing I was thinking about establishing "evil" rp on the republic side as a counter point to the basic good roleplay that is around. I for one think those who go against established directions of roleplay to be a good thing, for example if you've played other games like WoW there were numerous guilds and characters that portrayed organisations and figures that were against the norm, such as the infamous Scarlet Crusade etc.

I was wondering what you thought about this?

Additionally I've made a thread in the suggestion box about possibly making the imperial trooper armour available on the republic CE store. There thread can be found here.

I think this could bring about a good amount of rp, no longer are inter-faction roleplay limited to planets where both factions have equal access but we could now have them on every planet, making the feeling that war/espionage is really going on which I think is pretty lacking. Now however you could have Dark Jedi, assisted by Imperial Agents (Smugglers in agent gear) and Dark Troopers (Troopers with the Imperial Armour)

I was hoping some of you could support this suggestion.