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02.02.2013 , 09:54 AM | #12
Awesome thread. Thank you for starting it.

SWTOR is my first MMO. I started playing Pub side and vowed never to make an evil Imp.

A friend finally convinced me to at least try it. He wanted to get a Pure Blood Sith to 50 so that he could make a Pure Blood Sith Knight.

I loved KOTOR, and when I saw the lightning option for inquisitors I jumped on it. I decided to go light side and it was hilarious. The companions don't always like it. I used to get a lot of reaction about being light side, but it's a lot more common now.

I feel that the writers had much more fun with the Imp side. The stories are more interesting. At least to me.

As far as people and guilds that I've run across, everyone just seems like they are having more fun on the Imp side. I found players overall to be much more helpful on the Imp side as well.

I have a few toons on Pub side, but rarely play there. When I do, my toons are usually dark side. The story does change somewhat, and you get NPC responses like, "I really don't like your attitude."

Imp side for me.