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Quote: Originally Posted by Eternalnight View Post
You need a stealth class in the group who can exit combat
Thanks for the tip. We didn't think of that.

Quote: Originally Posted by CarthSeverus View Post
Not to burst your bubble,but these ops were created 8+ groups.Nowhere does it say that because you can 4 man it do they need to make it easier for you.If you can 4 man it,gratz on the accomplishment,but they shouldn't have to alter anything to appease ppl trying to overachieve in a 8+ man operation.
Well, the point of having a Story Mode in the first place is to make the content more accessible to more players, right?

I mean, we tried to play the game with a more structured, "hardcore" style last year only to end up bored out of our minds farming Denova. So, we figure we'll just play casually this time around, but now the casual content requires us to have exactly eight people? You have to be organized enough to field exactly the right amount of people for each operation (or make extra people sit out), but if you're that organized, you're probably going to run through the content and end up wanting to quit before long anyway. It doesn't make sense.