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This I agree with 100 %

My guild has been farming Terror HM for a long time, I was the first on my server to be able to craft Resolve Armoring 27, I sold 5-6 on gtn then suddenly was there another able to craft it, who not only almost certainly had learned it from me but also lowered the price of the armoring by setting it out for 400k less then me. Within a week was there 15+ able to craft the armoring and the price had been lowered by over 1 million.

Its not about the money I lose but about the fact that I spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of credits on repairs and consumables to be able to learn to craft that armoring, someone buying it from gtn should not be able to learn to craft it...

It dont care if people choose to gear up their chars by buying the armoring, mods and enhancements, it how I have geared up several alts, but only people that has "earned" it should be able to craft them.
I'm so glad there are others that feel like us well if bioware does not fix guilds like ours will start , not selling on gtn and only sell to trusted players ....and it negatively affect the gtn ..........