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Nowhere does it say that because you can 4 man it do they need to make it easier for you.
True, but...

When you have completed every single operation countless times in every available mode, and you are just snoozing whenever you do it you are very likely to grow bored of the game and move on. Allowing players to run the same content extremely undermanned or with weird group compositions ensures they can still enjoy the game, that the challenge is still there if they choose to pursuit it.

I don't want Bioware to make it "easier for me", that is the exact oposite of what I want, in fact I would prefer if they stopped nerfing content and significatly increased the difficulty in the game. I am asking for them not to introduce brick walls.

Operator IX requires a group of 8 (unless you have classes that can go out of combat). There is no way to avoid this, regardless of you skill and/or gear level. It's just annoying and uncreative. Same goes for the new [Heroic 4] on Section X... noone will ever have the joy of soloing it