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Everyone needs to try to give these guys a chance. If you're sitting there trolling them in General, seriously... c'mon.
I've already made a warning to my members. If anyone catches them trolling General, please feel free to come to me.

Lets just get along! <3
Very hard to do with all the trash talking they do. I ignore them to certain extent, but when they call out my guild, even when we outperformed them in every aspect but still lose cause it's hard to carry 4 to victory, really hard to respect them.

Given there are a couple of members I tolerate, but they have yet to earn mass respect in the server. Some have potential, but they squander it with trash talking and trolling. Yes, they receive a lot of crap on general, but they spew out more than they get.

When they, as a whole, act with respect and maturity they MIGHT have a chance at a better reputation. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but calling out my guild when they were the ones lacking with their premade, I find it hard to respect them.

And clearly they don't keep their members in check. We have had MANY guilds in the past with infamous reputation, but they back their attitude with outstanding PVP performance.

Prove me wrong, OCP. Become a better guild and make the entire server eat their words. Establish respect and maturity, become beasts in PVP, and make the entire server eat their words.

It would be awesome if you did.
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