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^ Not sure if this is intended for PVE or PVP, but it's just flat wrong in PVP.

Go low endurance / WP mods & enhancements, high secondary stats on all pieces. Stack crit rating to 163, then the rest into power / surge. Only get alacrity if it has good power on it (wh implants). Put none of it into your mods/enhs.

Augment with Resolve Augments (18 wp, 12 end) on every piece.

Replace at least 3 (at most 4) pvp armorings with 27 Advanced Resolve Armorings (belt, bracer, OH, then 1 set bonus piece that is surplus for your gear set up now).

That Alacrity advice is unfortunately dung as the trade is for Surge which is a lesser stat for any ability with a long cast time for damage output. Considering how much Telekinetic Throw is used its a valued stat. Getting around 75-77% Surge maximum is generally optimal and then putting the rest in Alacrity for between 4-8% Activation time.