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Not too many of you have a clue about Star Wars ship design/modelling. Especially ANYONE that picks the crappy rip-off IA ship - it's an insult to Star Wars space ship design.

The IA ship is almost a re-skinned blackbird, it shows no thought or process other than some crappy design team that are short on ideas. It shouldn't be in the game full stop.

The Fury again is almost a direct rip off of the TIE Interceptor - I can re-create these ships in 3 steps to their orignal shapes. Another cheap and shoddy decision from the loldesign team. - and if you want proof of a 3 step process - for the Fury flip out the wings, blow-up the koch-pit and viola.

The only ship design wise I have time for is the Mantis - [terrible interior] It shows at least some proper degression from the Firespray class. Although all of the ships are out of time as far as over-all design goes.

Ships in the Old Republic era should have been more like this -
Waiting for the definitive Star Wars sandbox mmo...