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Jedi certainly don't disapprove of care, kindness, patience, and compassion
There are several instances on Tython that speak against it.

The Jedi Consular may ask one of the holograms on the very first class mission (retrieve the holograms) "What about compassion?" or something like that, and the hologram replies that a Jedi must always be completely impartial and must not get emotionally involved or something like that.

Later there is a conversation there is a situation with a padawan, tasked to lift a heavy boulder using the Force and getting caught while receiving help from you. Depending on what you answer the Padawan gets expelled (a pretty extreme measure, if you asked) and if you then notice that you feel pity the master answers that such an emotion would be infit for a Jedi as well and that again one should be completely neutral.

I believe the Jedi Order in SW:TOR is a seriously stiff arsed and annoying interpretation. That should not keep the player from playing their characters their own way of course.