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Not many guilds have that effect in regs, at least not overall. Mostly a group of players within a guild, such as Ascension Strikes Back, Aeternum Ascension, Dead on Arrival, Infamous, Company, Knights of Tython, and others. It really depends on who they're running to be honest, not to insult less prominent members, but not everyone has the potential to significantly influence a match. Sometimes youll come across a very competitive premade, others will not be as competitive. As far as ranked is concerned, Ascension Strikes Back is probably the top team not only pub side, but on the server at the moment. I don't think any other pub guilds do ranked, at least not as competitively as they do. Although a couple of guilds are in the process of putting back together their ranked teams as well, which would potentially add more pub names to that list.

One thing about pub pvpers is that a lot of good players are sort of scattered around various guilds. Our faction has the best pugs on the server, imp side you better be able to work solo because its a joke over there. Just another point about the regs, you may not see identical guild tags coming towards you, but that doesn't mean you won't get beaten bad by a mixed group.

As for pre level 50, I've heard people talk of a guild named Disney that apparently twinks and premades in lowbies. i dont recall running across them myself, but people talk about them as if they're a challenge so could be possible.
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