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An escape mechanism is a big part of it, but the real issue is that the design of the AC only allows for 100% *reactive* gameplay... combined with low survivability and low utility. There's no way to take the initiative. You're utterly chained to X Y Z axes with no way to make your interface with those axes dynamic in any way. You're always reacting to the initiative of other players that engage you, leap you, pull you, push you, lock you, root you, and mez you as you crawl across the map in perma-snare mode and try to slow-cast a rotation that takes three times longer to complete than it takes a button-masher on a pyro-Powertech to melt your face off. It's a clunky AC in pvp. Even with an escape we'll still be the target-dummies of the Warzones until they re-think the AC and give it something that makes it a dynamic option to play in PvP. Think of all the options that an Assassin, Operative, or even a Marauder posssses to regain the initiative during a PvP encounter. The merc/mando has virtually none, except a casted mez that requires a secondary ability just to fire it off reliably, and which is instantly negated by a stunbreaker. There's just no way to take the initiative (and sorry but positioning & LoSing aren't "initiative", it's simply what every player of every AC just *does* - it has nothing to do with class design).
wall of text but so true
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.