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Jedi certainly don't disapprove of care, kindness, patience, and compassion. In fact if you play a darkside Consular one of the Jedi Council members at one point will tell you "A quick lightsaber must be tempered by great compassion, Jedi." The reason they don't encourage romantic love is mainly because it's a passion that can cloud a Jedi's objectivity or potentially be twisted to the darkside. Emotion is not bad in an of themselves, but they are considered dangerous and reckless because they can lead a Jedi to the darkside.

The Order wants Jedi to be level headed guardians not emotionless drones.

The Jedi Knight story actually works well with the idea of a Jedi who revels in his emotions just a little bit more than he is supposed to. Both the Knight and the Consular can play very differently depending on exactly how you want your Jedi to be, but the Lightside Knight's dialogue seems more appropriate for a Jedi with a little bit of a rebellious streak.