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02.02.2013 , 01:22 AM | #67
I would like to see a couple of things for vigilance.

1.) a flat increase to master strike.( I did some comparisons between a sentinel and guardian. With no gear and the same saber, the sentinel has a 300 dmg higher master strike, from there the disparity grows as gear is added. With the same stats/gear set up, the sentinel had a 4760-5490 master strike, while the guardian had a 4214-4683. That is with no spec points added yet. They had the same exact stats in every slot. Add in spec Combat with the 8% master strike talent in focus and the sentinel goes to 5388-6325. The guardian in vigilance at 5546-6142 ( WITH shien stance** the spec gives a 12% increase to melee dmg and an 8% from focus tree. Take this for what you will.)

Just thought that would be interesting to some people.

2.) Some form of armor penetration, in the 10-20% range. The 30% that is in focus would be ideal, maybe with a tree revamp. Either a flat % from stance, or add a short term buff from a prior attack 4-5 secs.

3.) Remove the sunder requirement from Plasma Brand and decrease the dot to a 9 sec duration. This is more of a QOL issue, it is manageable now but would make the rotation easier with a 9 sec cooldown/dot.