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02.01.2013 , 11:34 PM | #8
No, I couldn't care less that people who aren't necessarily raiding TFB HM and the like are getting 150 rating gear crafted. Why should I? What they do is their business. If people want to blow literally millions of credits per item to get things crafted and advance their gear, it makes no difference to me. It doesn't detract from my experience, nor does doing so let you stroll through current end tier content effortlessly downing bosses, despite what some people seem to believe. You'll have a slight performance advantage compared to when using black hole equipment. That's it. You aren't 'paying to win'. You aren't invalidating the challenge those encounters present. Stop being melodramatic.

Having to adhere to some arbitrary definition of 'working for your items' is something I literally cannot wait to die a much deserved death, especially considering that "work" in endgame situations I've been a part of - and ToR is absolutely no exception - generally translated into "grind, grind, grind".