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You are right but to a degree

People do want to read about their favorite characters, but why bring them back when you could write stories within the timeline that they lived.

As far as creating new chracters, well just look at this game, we have Malgus and Revan as beloved characters
A lot of people like Mara jade and she is pure EU so is Darth Bane

Bring peoe back from the dead is just not way to do things; the emperor, maul and windu should remain on the dead list
And the emperor is my favorite but his death did not mean the darth plagueis book was less entertaining, that book was awesome
Ok I probably should have worded it differently, they don't wanna see the original characters being replaced by a newer guy. But again speaking of comic characters, where they always come back(after some point in time) now in Star is sorta similar(just it isn't every character) as Boba still hasn't died even though he should have given he fell into a sarlacc pit 3 times....3 times, and had all sorts of body problems which were fixed with a needle, the same with Luke and Co.
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