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I have Jedi Knight who helps people out, does the classic "Jedi stuff" (save planets, give money to innocent beggars/orphans, not accept payment, try to find a peaceful solution for most scenarios) but i also rack up darkside points because i often make decisions based on emotions like hateing a certain character who killed lots of people and not letting him live or helping the republic secure ways to beat the empire even if they mean more war as my Knight believes the Empire must be stopped. He also believes romance is fine and all though hes not flirting with everyone he enjoys a nice emotional attachment with Kira.

So thankfully with the dark side/light side system i can do all that and if i want to RP it i just think of Anakin a bit during the clone wars movie or i say to myself my Knight believes in the Jedi more for them serving than republic not for their actual code. He believes the republic must defeat the empire but that doesn't mean hes going to fall to the darkside like Revan or Anakin (who was manipulated into thinking the Jedi were against the republic)