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Finally finished reading all the way through. Magnificently awesome, epically amazing, wonderfully fantastic. I truly love it. Thank you Osetto
You have my thanks for your thanks. And alongside them, I feel I should offer some apologies. Updates have been few and far between, and I know that can really upset someone's ability to enjoy a story. I can only imagine the frustration for anyone whose stuck around since I started this almost a year ago. We got, what, twenty four chapters to go, and I find myself drawn away from writing by schoolwork and other distractions. Every so often the drive to continue wanes but knowing that someone out there enjoys my work is enough to keep me going, so again, thanks.

And I also know that seeing this story bumped with my name as the last post only to find no content can be rather disappointing, so I guess I'll have to get the next chapter out sooner rather than later to make up for it.