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IDK man. No matter what time I play at, I'm almost always at or near the top in damage, dps, and killing blows when that is all Im worried about. The only time Im not is when I actually play objectives like guarding nodes or carrying orbs. Now I can't kill hardly anybody 1v1 which is where the survivability issue comes in. And really, when I put up big damage numbers, or somebody else does, I become worried because that means nobodies dying. Alot of times I find myself strategically trying to take out a target like a healer and everybody else is just spamming abilities on any old random target trying to keep there damage numbers rolling. I do this too, every now and then when I get frustrated, and can put up big numbers. Big numbers that dont mean anything cuz we lost. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe one of these matches I'll just spam, spam, spam and see what I can top out at. Then I'll take a pic of the scoreboard along with my woody and post it everywhere showing everybody how good I am.
Let me know if you get Invincible or Immortal quoting in a WZ as a merc/mando.

800k is nothing. Top score charts is Nothing.
Anyone here who has made a valid and intelligent post on this forum can pull 800k as a merc in a VS, all it requires is ED and FM the right target in a cluster fuk of people and keep DFA on CD. 800k easy. Maybe a MB here and there.