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more or less this
If you see anything offensive or ugly happening don't be 'to sensitive" - just put some distance between yourself and the incident.
In the online world this is known as "minimizing or switching tabs".
In the real world, this translates to if you see abuse - say a woman being told to stay in the kitchen - just walk into the next room and put your headphones on.

This is of course possible only if it isn't happening to you. If it's happening to you, then you can be sure everyone else is busy not being "to sensitive" and putting distance between themselves and what is happening to you so you should just put up and shut up and hope someone else is targeted next.

This way our society can improve tremendously - we get to turn a blind eye to what's going on and bullies and the truly offensive can flourish with impunity.

See no evil, hear no evil - isn't it a truly beautiful thing?
You make a point I have been trying to articulate for a while now. We should improve our society. Do people really think a hostile, pro-bully environment is an improvement over having compassion for people? I don't understand the resistance some people have to making the attempt to make the world a better place.