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I'm trying smuggler but im not liking the idea of taking cover.... I could go with Trooper but im reading that it's a military type story and I'm goign to be livign that soon (going to basic soon.)

So that's out. For the Republic I can stay with my Smuggler or go JK. Except my only concern is getting all of the philosophy. I played KOTR2: Sith Lords and I hated the Jedi philosophy. Feelings, emotions, thats what makes us human. The Jedi philosophy equates love and hate and says that anything that is human in terms of emotions is bad. Even good emotions: love, care, compassion, understanding, patience, kindness, etc seem to be put down. At least in KOTOR2: Sith Lords they were.

So I want to be a charging warrior but i dont want to play a storyline filled with the Jedi Philosophy....

I don't like ths Smuggler style of taking cover....I may have to stick with it if the Jedi story is full of the philosophy.
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