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Since Defense is so valuable for a Guardian tank, your BiS is generally 2 EWH passive Defense relics. No tank should *ever* use the EWH Shield relics: you get all the Shield rating you need on your gear naturally. If you undercut your Absorb rating a bit (some of the Guardians I know do this to get higher Defense, which generally pays out well because of Guardian's low Shield chance), you can get an excellent payout from the DG absorb proc relic.
Ok, just had a quick read through this post, looking for an answer to my hybrid Guardian tank. Couldn't find exact answers to my specific questions. So excuse me if i missed something.

Just started gearing my guardian tank up. He won't be my main, but would like a decent build that will help my healers out. Trying to balance out now in 63's. Now the OP has optimal for my hybrid guardian tank but these are not achievable due to so much shield stacked on my ears/implants and enhancements.

I see 2 options. If there is a better one, i'm all ears....

Lowering defense to stack more absorb to balance out the amount of shield i have no choice but to stack.....
750/600/500 distribution with 2 defense wh relics (won't be pvp'n much unless i have too..)


Leave defense high, shield high and then use a proc absorb dg relic to help compensate the low absorb i have.....
850/600/300 with a DG absorb proc relic + wh defense relic.

The stat budgets are approximates based around the unavoidable shield stat budget. Any ideas on the best, all round, way to approach this? Not looking for perfect but more a quick and easy fix to get me through the content and help the healers. Already tanked to Kephess in EC NiM in a lot less gear then this, so this is just to help my healers out.

This was a great post to read and thanks in advance for any answers.