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If you like the Smuggler story, play a Scoundrel and never bother with cover again.

As far as the Jedi stories go, it's a funny thing about them. In every Jedi story that I can remember, whether it be the Knight story here, the actual movies, the books, and so on, the "Jedi Philosophy" of suppression of emotion is usually proven wrong. Anakin Skywalker fell to the Dark Side because of fear, but he was redeemed because of love. The Jedi Knight in TOR can romance a companion and still "live in the Light," as it were.

I'm with you. I think the Jedi Code is incredibly restrictive, but it's only one philosophy. I prefer the Jedi Code in my signature. There are organizations (like the Zeison Sha) that prove the Jedi way is only one way. Perhaps your Jedi, like mine, can show that there's another way.
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