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I'm just leaving this here as an example of an actual Dev, actually addressing the players, and giving an actual answer. And even tho the answer was a resounding NO, the forums did not explode, the game did not die overnight, and in general life moved on.

Take a lesson.
An extremely interesting and well argued no though....

I agree with your point the more developed dev posts even if the summary is "no", "hell no" or "you're joking, right?" tend to produce better responses than the usual EA PR approved fluff that seems to be the hallmark of the limited communication in this game.

Probably the best example of how to do it I have found on this forum is the dev post in the species request poll talking about what is practical given the engine and given that constraint what is practical for story and lore. Admittedly not everyone responded well to the post which is unfortunate but the response was overwhelmingly positive that the dev had taken time to respond and even more explain their stance - even though the answer was mostly "this won't work because". The "because" is really important in these kind of posts.