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Growing up I had a hard time feeling anything positive (parents fought a lot.) I was emotionally stunted for the longest time. If i even began to feel happy I would mentally shut it down. Yes, I was miserable.

I'm getting better now though. After living basically being emotionless growing up I really don't want to hear about it in a game. So yes, I was living the Jedi code w/or realizing it (the whole there is no emotion part) and it was a living nightmare.

So no to Trooper because of the story (I'll be living it and I dont want to get any misconceptions about the military from it.)

Jedi Knight maybe if the philosophy isn't anywhere in the story. Same with Jedi Consular.....the risk of the philosophy being there.

OR Smuggler and have to deal with having to Press F to go into cover every single time.

PS: When I read "There is no emotion, there is peace." I think of the way I was. I literally shut down anything positive. It took years and years and countless hours of help from friends and family before I could begin to allow myself to feel positive emotions again (Happiness, Joy, Care, Love, Compassion, Family and friend relationship connections.)

So when I read "There is no emotion, there is peace" it disturbs me greatly because I think that "There is no emotion, there is peace" is saying that emotions should be suppressed, denied, pushed aside, and ignored.